A beautiful space begins with a beautiful vision. Once you have an idea of the type of upgrade you want for your home or commercial space it’s time to find the best product for the job. Eva-Last composite products are designed to improve your lifestyle with their low-maintenance and eco-friendly features, long-term durability, and impressive natural look.
Discover which of our product ranges is the right fit for your specific application and your style.
A poolside deck is the final touch in creating an outdoor paradise. It can be a wonderful place to enjoy some much-needed quality time with friends and family and is an ideal place to relax. Surrounding your pool with a beautiful wood-look deck offers not only function value but property value too. It should be a space that encourages relaxation and be fit for long term durability.

Screening can be used to give your outdoor or indoor area privacy, can create a separation of areas, or just add a touch of unique style and design to your domestic or commercial space. Eva-Last composite allows you to create beautiful wood-look screening that is low-maintenance and an eco-friendly alternative to natural wood.

Composite cladding is taking the market by storm as more and more home and business owners opt for a low-maintenance, long-lasting cladding that offers the look of wood without the upkeep.
Cladding is an effective way of adding style to your space while also protecting your walls. While cladding is traditionally thought of for external applications, the popularity of indoor cladding is also on the rise.

Long-lasting composite is the perfect material for use in the bush. From intimate bush cabins to luxury safari resorts, Eva-Last composite has been part of it all. The Eva-Last product range covers everything you need to create or upgrade a top-tier bush lodge.

Whether it’s functional or aesthetic, composite is an ideal material choice for use in stairs and handrails. Composite offers both structural security, good looks, and provides a lower maintenance addition to any deck, outdoor area, or stairwell.
A composite ceiling or soffit gives your space a wow factor in a durable material that’s gentle on the Earth. Opting to use composite for hard-to-reach features like ceilings and soffits saves you from encountering difficult maintenance and premature replacement.

Planter boxes are perfect for giving your plants the attention they deserve. The moisture resistant, UV resistant, and weather resistant features of Eva-Last composite make it the ultimate material choice for decorative planter boxes which can be left outdoors even in harsh winter weather.

Whether you’re looking to create a simple seating solution or add a touch of drama with curved benches, Eva-Last has a low-maintenance composite technology that’s right for your outdoor space. Transform mundane features or necessities into showstopping features. Utilise a low wall for extra outdoor seating or sneak in some extra storage space with a multi-function composite bench.

Composite furniture makes your outdoors all the easier to maintain and appreciate. It weathers the elements with grace and can be enjoyed rather than stored away during the winter months. Eva-Last composite creates long-lasting, durable furniture in a low-maintenance and sustainable material that’s available in an extensive range of colours and finishes which embody the look of timber.

A pergola is both a visual focal point and the perfect space to spend the afternoon relaxing in the shade. Pergolas add a touch of elegance to an outdoor space and lend themselves to use for special occasions, from weddings to leisurely family lunches. Eva-Last composite creates a lovely pergola that looks like wood but withstands the test of time with virtually no maintenance.

Composite gates, doors, and garage doors can be designed to add a sleek modern touch or traditional natural look to your home or commercial space. Eva-Last composite is both low-maintenance and durable to make your gates, doors, and garage doors a long-term investment in your safety, and their thoughtfully crafted selection of natural colours and surface finishes add to your properties curb appeal and general aesthetic.

 Whether you’ve escaped to the bush for the weekend or are unwinding after your commute home from the office, there’s no better way to end the day than enjoying a barbecue and a fire with family and friends. Incorporating a composite decking feature around your barbecue and or fire pit can add a touch of functionality, class, and value to any property.

Composite signs are longer lasting and lower maintenance than traditional wood signage. Eva-Last composite offers the look of timber in a sustainable and highly durable alternative material.

Creating a pool or jacuzzi cover from composite boards is a pragmatic and innovative approach to concealing or protecting a water feature in your outdoor space. Using composite allows you to make your pool or jacuzzi cover a visual highlight instead of an eyesore, and it makes maintenance that much easier.