Composite Applications For Bush Lodges

Bush Lodges

Long-lasting composite is the perfect material for use in the bush. From intimate bush cabins to luxury safari resorts, Eva-Last composite has been part of it all. The Eva-Last product range covers everything you need to create or upgrade a top-tier bush lodge.

 Eva-Last offers a selection of two unique composite technologies offering their own unique applications and benefits. Apex Plus foamed-PVC and Infinity capped composite, each of these composites is suitable when planning and building a potentially multi-faceted bush lodge application, and depends on your aesthetic and budgetary considerations.

If the different entertainment areas are an extension of the different decked areas, it is advisable, from an aesthetic perspective, to continue the same decking choice throughout. However, below we have given various recommendations based on different application areas for your consideration.





No bush lodge is complete without a deck for relaxation and a game viewing platform to bring guests closer to nature. Eva-Last decking provides a natural look to blend in with the surroundings, in an exceptionally low-maintenance, sustainable, and weather resistant material.

A natural wood look is what brings the element of nature into a lodge and gives it an upmarket aesthetic. Wooden decking does however pose huge long-term maintenance challenges. Thanks to Eva-Last, your lodge deck can now boast the beauty of a wood look without the maintenance hassle.

Our top recommendation for lodge walkways and common areas is Apex Plus foamed-PVC. It most closely mimics timber and when coupled with its low maintenance, slip and fire resistance, you can rest assured that any guest, of the human or animal kind, can enjoy the deck without leaving a repair and maintenance challenge.

When it comes to a game viewing platform, safety and durability are key. Apex Plus is once again our recommended choice when choosing a finish for a viewing platform. Coupled with its slip resistance properties, the hardy nature of Apex Plus ensures your viewing platform will withstand the elements. Its UV resistance, resistance to biodegradation and weathering ensure your viewing platform will look beautiful and more importantly be highly functional for years to come.


A pool gives your guests a much-needed reprieve from the heat during hot summer days. The decking around your pool should enhance the look of your lodge and the safety of guests. It must be resilient enough to withstand direct sunlight and lively gatherings, but also beautiful enough to give guests the feeling of unapologetic luxury.

A key consideration is safety and ensuring a durable, slip resistant finish to safeguard guests. Once again Apex Plus offers the best slip resistance in its class, and its splinter free nature make it an ideal choice for completing a lodge pool area.

A couple of notes when selecting the right decking for a lodge pool area:

  • Laying the deck in such a way that guests will walk across the grain of the board as opposed to with the grain of the board, further enhance slip resistance.
  • Decking in full sun is known to be hot under foot. Since dark colours absorb and retain heat, it is recommended that a lighter colour selection is made for a pool surround.


Our top recommendation for a barbeque area is Infinity capped composite. Its highly resilient protective cap makes it the most practical choice, where there could be fats and oils that drop onto the deck. The polymer capping on Infinity means it is easier to clean and wipe up spills and splatters.

The cleaning and maintenance regime differs slightly by brand and can be found as guides by brand on the website. It is, however, always advisable to mop up spills and splashes with warm soapy water when they occur.

In terms of fire pits, as well as Weber or hot coal barbeques, it should be noted that hot embers that fall onto any composite decking can damage the surface of the deck, leaving irreparable pocked burn marks. Since lodges are synonymous with open fire barbeques and fire pits, we recommend barbequing off the deck or opting for a concreate, paved or tiled area below the barbeque, finishing off with composite decking around the area. There are also protective mats on the market, which could be used while barbequing.

The key to the perfect fire pit area is seating. The low maintenance, splinter free nature of Eva-Last decking make them all excellent choices for creating a comfortable seating area around your fire pit.


Railing serves a critical role in keeping guests at your bush lodge safe. Eva-Last offers a resilient and attractive range of railing. This is a low-maintenance, cost-effective railing, designed for simple installation. Available in a range of natural colours and available in Infinity composite technology, Eva-Last railing gives you the option of perfectly matching your Eva-Last composite decking or walkways, in both look and long-lasting reliability.


Privacy fencing is an essential aspect creating separation between various tented accommodation or perhaps around entertainment areas. It must be low maintenance but equally attractive, to enhance the look of the lodge.

Eva-Last composite fascia boards can be used in vertical or horizontal applications. Infinity fascia boards are our most popular boards for privacy fencing given their durable nature. Infinity fascia boards can also be used to create a stylish weavola to add visual interest to the aesthetic of your lodge.


Cladding is an excellent choice for a bush lodge. It allows the lodge structure to blend in with its surroundings while creating a barrier that helps insulate and preserve the integrity of buildings. VistaClad Infinity composite cladding provides an attractive, protective covering for exterior walls. Its lightweight, cutting-edge design is both easy to install and mimics the look of timber. VistaClad Infinity is weather, moisture and insect resistant ensuring it will keep the elements at bay and the lodge looking beautiful all year round.

If you’re looking to make a statement on the inside of your lodge, VistaClad can be installed inside as easily as outside. Giving you a bush -feel feature wall without having to cut down a single tree.


A pergola is both a visual focal point and the perfect space for guests to spend the afternoon relaxing with some protection from the African sun. Pergolas add a touch of elegance to an outdoor space and lend themselves to pool side areas or patio decks Lifespan bamboo composite beams can be used to create a lovely pergola that will complement the lodge aesthetic with their natural wood-look whilst still being able to withstand the test of time with virtually no maintenance.

The beautiful, matt brushed softwood Eva-tech finish of the Lifespan Bamboo Composite beams come in a variety of colours and widths to enable a plethora of aesthetic and functional application possibilities and will enhance any lodge deck.

Railing serves a critical role in keeping guests at your bush lodge safe. Eva-Last offers a resilient and attractive range of railing, RapidRail. This is a low-maintenance, cost-effective railing, designed for simple installation. Available in a range of natural colours, RapidRail composite is available in Infinity or Eva-tech bamboo composite technologies, giving you the option of perfectly matching your Eva-Last composite decking or walkways, in both look and long-lasting reliability.