Composite Applications For Ceilings & Soffits

A composite ceiling or soffit gives your interior or exterior space a wow factor. When opting for a durable material such as Eva-Last composite for hard-to-reach features like ceilings and soffits you not only prevent difficult and premature maintenance but are also choosing a product that is gentle on the Earth.
Eva-Last Apex Plus or Infinity composite facia boards both make ideal, lightweight alternatives to cement or plaster boards, with a far superior upmarket look.

When selecting facia boards for your ceiling or soffit our top recommendation would be Infinity. Its increased span capabilities coupled with its natural looking colour variations offer a host of functional and aesthetic design possibilities.

When fixed with colour matching top fixing screws, an Infinity fascia board ceiling or soffit will give your space a spectacular finish.

It is important to note that Eva-Last composite products are finished products and cannot be painted over.


The versatility and flexibility of Eva-Last composite make it perfect for creating show-stopping features like curved ceilings. These curves can be created through a process of heating the composite boards, such as decking or fascia boards, and then bending to the required shape once they are malleable. This should only be done by a recommended installer.


Although Eva-Last composite is typically chosen as an outdoor material it can also be used inside to create stunning non-structural ceiling accents. Its moisture resistance makes it suitable for bathroom applications or other moisture-prone areas.

Whether it’s a functional ceiling or soffit or simply an aesthetic feature, Eva-Last composite offers a beautiful array of products and colours to suit every style.